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St. Newlyn East Parish Council


Forthcoming and recent agendas can be seen below. Older ones can be found in the Agendas Archive.


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Agenda July 2024.pdf03 July 2024242kB
Agenda June 2024.pdf05 June 2024242kB
Agenda May 2024.pdf07 May 2024241kB
AGM May 2024.pdf07 May 2024195kB
Annual Parish Meeting 2024.pdf12 April 2024185kB
Agenda April 2024.pdf03 April 2024240kB
Agenda March 2024.pdf06 March 2024241kB
Agenda February 2024.pdf07 February 2024247kB
Agenda January 2024.pdf03 January 2024238kB


File NameLast ModifiedFile Size
Agenda December 2023.pdf06 December 2023239kB
Agenda November 2023.pdf08 November 2023244kB
Agenda October 2023.pdf05 October 2023240kB
Agenda September 2023.pdf06 September 2023240kB
Agenda August 2023.pdf01 August 2023237kB
Agenda July 2023.pdf04 July 2023239kB
Agenda June 2023.pdf05 June 2023239kB
Agenda May 2023.pdf02 May 2023240kB
AGM May 2023.pdf02 May 2023193kB
Agenda April 2023.pdf03 April 2023242kB
Agenda March 2023.pdf08 March 2023248kB
Agenda February 2023.pdf07 February 2023244kB
agenda january 2023.pdf11 January 2023238kB